Glacier 51 Toothfish @ Mandoon Estate

January 15, 2015

Perth-based food blogger, Perth Munchkin, has recently tried Glacier 51 Toothfish at Mandoon Estate in Perth’s Swan Valley.

Here’s what she had to say:

I loved everything about my visit to Mandoon Estate. The weather was perfect which just showcased what a sensational new venue it is. Then there was the service, which was incredibly friendly and also well versed as to any intricacies of the menu. The two wines we sampled – the Reserve Sparkling and the Reserve Chardonnay were so memorable that we may have called past the cellar door after lunch to grab a bottle of each. And then there was the food, probably best to get comfortable here because I am really going to wax lyrical….

…There were then two seafood courses. First up was yabbie, which came served with two ingredients I’d never tried before or heard of if I’m honest – sea grapes and beach bananas. Both had fairly understated but interesting flavours and added something texture whether it was the crunch from the bananas or the pop pop from the sea grapes. It was a dish where ensuring you had all the elements in one forkful made for a really flavoursome and complex bite. And the yabbie itself was sweet and delicious. I have to say though that of the two seafood dishes it was hard to go past the Glacier 51 Toothfish as the favourite.

Glacier 51 toothfish Mandoon Estate

The Ol’ Toothfish seems to be the pin up fish of late and when you taste it, it isn’t hard to see why. The skin had been perfectly crisped and the actual fish itself just melted in your mouth. It also paired beautifully with the spicy chorizo and the statement disk of kipfler, which if you used your imagination slightly could be considered a chip, so this was like the fanciest fish and chips I’d ever had. It is nice to be fancy.

Thanks for the write up CJ!  Read the full write-up here.