Glacier 51 toothfish at Souvla, Hong Kong

January 31, 2014

This one is interesting, and plenty of G51 toothfish posts on the bloggosphere also!  Souvla is a contemporary Greek restaurant, run by a couple of Aussies in Hong Kong.  Named after the popular Greek dish of open-spit grilled meat, Souvla’s unique design adopts essences of old Greece with a modern, yet subtle, twist.

There were 5 bloggers that reviewed the Glacier 51 toothfish in 2013 so we will just get straight into it!

The Dim Sum Diaries were unsure where to start with the menu, as everything sounded delicious, so they let owner Viviano Romito go crazy and do the ordering for them.  They said:

“For main courses, to accompany a gorgeous Cyrpriot Salata (an incredible and colourful mix of pulses, grains, nuts and currents, topped with honey, yoghurt and pomegranate), we tried the grilled Glacier 51 Toothfish and the slow-cooked lamb.  The former, a highly prized, sustainable fish from the coast of Heard Island in Antarctica, had a beautiful, firm texture and a delicate yet delicious flavour.  Souvla is the only place in Hong Kong as of yet to serve this fish, and apparently, as it is fished so far off the coast of Australia, in some of the wildest, pirate-ridden seas on Earth, it isn’t exactly an easy catch.”

Time Out Hong Kong said: “First to arrive is the unusual glacier 51 toothfish (HK$395).  Reminiscent of cod, this Antarctic fish boasts a robust texture capable of retaining a rich buttery quality, even after grilling.”

Sassy Hong Kong felt it was about time Hong Kong finally got a good Greek restaurant – They said: “We were lucky enough to be presented with one final main, a fish dish that was truly incredible.  Souvla is the only restaurant in Hong Kong to serve Glacier 51 Toothfish, a sought-after glacier fish that is similar to cod – and it was absolutely divine!  The juiciest white flesh and a light buttery sauce with just a hint of orange made this dish an absolute winner.

Overall, our experience at Souvla did not disappoint! Viv and Chef Michael have truly captured the simple but delicious ethos of Greek dining and, combined with their Aussie hospitality, have created a fun, relaxing atmosphere with quality Greek-inspired dishes that come packed with authentic flavours.”

Chopstix Fix were also pleased that a new Greek restaurant had hit the Hong Kong scene, “Italian, French, Spanish- we have a shedload of these cuisines on what feels like every corner of Hong Kong, but Greek food? No. When I heard a Greek restaurant had sailed, landed and maybe conquered(?) our shores, (excuse the Trojan War reference) I rejoiced.

Their Glacier 51 Toothfish (sourced from a sustainable Australian fishery in the Antarctic), was perfectly cooked. It is a meaty fish and slightly buttery in flavour which, together with their fabulous seasoning treatment, held our attention just enough to pry our fingers away from the lamb ribs.”

Finally, Steph’s 852 Diary said: “The glacier 51 toothfish (HK$395) which followed was unforgettable. It seemed a bit expensive to us at first for its portion, but the taste completely justified the price tag. Each bite of the fish was exquisitely juicy and tender, and the light seasoning accentuated the fish’s naturally delicious taste.”


So, in summary, it looks a very happy bunch of customers rated their Glacier 51 toothfish experiences highly.

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