Ugly fish with sweet meat proves a treat

November 5, 2013

Daily Telegraph July 5 2013

Daily Telegraph July 5, 2013 IT’S got a face only a mother could love, but the wild-caught Patagonian toothfish is the new premier protein, fetching $50-$60kg wholesale and setting restaurant diners back $35 or more for a 80g-120g dish.

Since the recent launch of the Glacier 51 toothfish brand, top-end restaurants have been lapping up supplies with chefs raving about the versatility of the boneless fish fillets. Buy MU Online Legend Power Leveling So called because it is found in sub-Antarctic waters at 50-55 degrees of latitude, the beauty of the toothfish is that it is well suited to all kinds of cooking as it has a firm texture, a strong taste yet is mild enough to marry harmoniously with many other flavours. “I like it because it as very different to any other type of fish. Belstaff Jackets The newest Adidas italia Factory Outlet It’s very dense and very oily and has a huge amount of flavour,” said Stefano Manfredi from Balla at The Star in Sydney. mu legend zen for sale parajumpers femme “It’s almost like bar cod, that sort of denseness, and in terms of flavour it’s similar to the oily fish like mackerel. sweaters fleeces sweatshirts Masterpiece Kodiak Doudoune Parajumpers France “It’s incredibly resilient. buy mu legend zen It can pretty much go with virtually anything you throw at it, whether it’s a really robust flavour or you could probably just eat it on its own, just fried in a little bit of extra virgin olive oil with a little bit of salt.