What is being said about Glacier 51 toothfish?

November 8, 2014
glacier 51 toothfish destination food
Over the coming weeks we will be showcasing other’s blog posts who have been enjoying the experience that comes with Glacier 51 toothfish. Today we will start with Destination Food, which is described as a gateway to a world of food, drink and journeys, whose online identity connects them with foodies, food enthusiasts, chefs, providores, Read more »

Extreme Toothfish in Scoop Magazine

October 2, 2014
Everything about Australia’s newly branded Glacier 51 Toothfish is extreme: its looks, its size (the fish can reach 2m in length), its environment.  Even the story of its journey from pirate plunder to species under threat to Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification is outlandish.  But while it’s highly prized in America and Japan – its Read more »

Glacier 51 toothfish makes Qantas 1st Class menu

September 16, 2014
Glacier 51 toothfish Qantas menu
Flying first class with Qantas over the next few months? Then you’re in for even more of a treat than usual as the seasonal menu turns to the flavours of Spring. “Many of the dishes are new to this particular menu” says Roger Barstow, one of four chefs from Neil Perry’s Rockpool Group who work Read more »

Sustainable Seafood – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

August 14, 2014
G51 toothfish at flying fish
Sustainability is a sexy word when it comes to seafood, but not everyone is taking the bait, writes Aoife Boothroyd. The concept of sustainable seafood has gained plenty of attention over the past few years. The Marine Stewardship Council together with a number of high profile chefs and environmental groups have been very effective in Read more »

Cairns taxidermist makes waves in USA with Glacier 51 toothfish

July 31, 2014
glacier 51 toothfish mounts
  A Cairns fish taxidermist is making waves in the US where two of his Patagonian toothfish mounts, based on fish specifically chosen for Glacier 51 toothfish branding, have earned a swell of support. After three decades in taxidermy, Steven Mathews from Australian Fish Mounts in Cairns North has begun mounting the bizarre fish that Read more »